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Safety drives our decisions


Together we are VICSES

Welcome to Craigieburn SES Unit

The membership of the Craigieburn Unit of the Victorian State Emergency Service (VICSES) is composed of around 40 active volunteers who provide immediate assistance to the community during times of emergency. Our volunteers come from a diverse variety of backgrounds and professions, and all have a common desire to make a contribution to the community in which they live.

Craigieburn Unit responds to a wide variety of incidents including Storm and Flood Damage, Search and Rescue in urban as well as bush and alpine areas, General Rescue, Specialist Rescue, and Road Crash Rescue. Craigieburn SES also provides support to other agencies including Victoria Police, CFA and Ambulance Victoria. VICSES is the lead agency when responding to floods, storms and earthquakes and operates the largest network of road rescue in Australia.

Craigieburn SES Unit Prayers

‘The Rescuers’ Intercession’

Dear Lord, calm my fear lest I hesitate

and guide my judgement as I go forward;

Steady my hand that it be true and not waiver

and open my heart to those in need;

Protect those that we work to save and

cherish those who pass to your care;

Stand by my side, so that I shall not fall

and lead us back to those we love;

Welcome us when you call for us and

care for those we leave behind.


(©Craigieburn SES Unit November 2008)


I expect you to pass this way but once;

any good therefore that I can do for you,

or any kindness that I can show to you,

a fellow creature, let me do it now.

Let met not defer it or neglect it,

For you may not pass this way again.

(Unknown – possibly 19h Century French)